Is That An Error In Your Datum Spreadsheet?

How do I know if my spreadsheet is accurate?

Clients tell us that in-house models are error-prone, hard to support, and challenging to keep up to date. Time is wasted second-guessing numbers, fixing calculations, and worrying about the outputs.

That’s where Forbury comes in! We’ve got your back with clever input-error detection functionality. This means you can feel confident that your data is extremely accurate.

Easy-To-See Errors

When working with the Forbury Model, any errors, or cells to check, show up in GOLD or RED. This provides you with an immediate Visual Integrity Check on your data. This takes place as the Model contains a set of input error checks on the Integrity sheet. If one or more of these checks is flagged, your model will display a pop-up banner alerting you to a Model Integrity Issue. You can then resolve the error/s by reviewing the error notification or view them all by navigating to the Gold Integrity Sheet.


Example showing cell to check, with a pop-up error, indicating the reason for the error.


Example showing the Integrity sheet and the issue which can be reviewed and resolved.


Forbury Customers: Find Out More

For more info, including a list of input errors and tips, click through to our Support Articles:

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