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How to boost the accuracy of project returns estimates

October 22, 2020

Full life-cycle analytics.

How to boost the accuracy of project returns estimates.

Getting a clear picture of the lifecycle returns of build-to-hold commercial real estate projects can be tough. Thankfully, things have changed.

Forbury has unveiled a new software platform that helps developers calculate on-completion valuations using a range of criteria including market capitalisation, discounted cashflows and direct comparisons. The new solution, called Forbury Develop, streamlines the entire valuation process, and delivers estimates that are detailed and accurate.

Armed with Forbury Develop commercial developers will be able to ditch the complex and unwieldy spreadsheets many currently rely on to generate valuation estimates. Error prone and with workflow inefficiencies, such spreadsheets have long been recognised as a risky option.

No longer just for residential.

In many cases, developers have also been relying on assessment tools that were initially designed for residential projects. They had then been forced to tweak them to take into account the much more complex world of commercial developments.

The end result? The estimates being produced often missed the mark, causing potentially significant budgetary problems. That's not good when projects are running into the millions of dollars in costs.

Spotting this gap in the market, the team at Forbury has been hard at work on Forbury Develop for more than 3 years.

"We started by undertaking a deep analysis to gain an understanding of what our customers required to overcome these challenges. Armed with this insight, we released multiple versions of the new platform and showed them to our technical and product teams. Their feedback was then used to guide further development."

Ruth Hitter
, Product Manager

Benefits of excel with the computational power of the Forbury Cloud.

The finished Forbury Develop platform integrates the benefits of the Microsoft Excel interface with the computational power of the Forbury database.

Key features include:

  • On-completion modelling to accurately determine a project's value once finished
  • Flexible cost inputs on a rate-per-unit, percentage cost or lump sum basis
  • Development finance calculations to take into account the cost of capital
  • Residual land value calculated and based on a target development margin
  • Lifecycle returns to determine overall cashflows throughout the project

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