Forbury targets global expansion with London launch

Forbury has begun the next phase of its global expansion with operations launched in the UK. 

Our rationale is to provide speedy cash flow analysis with entry/exit yields and real-time sensitivity analysis with a focus on office and industrial properties.
This allows investors and vendors to quickly assess the value of individual properties and wider portfolios, arriving at an IRR with accompanying valuation metrics in seconds.
Following an extensive period of research and development, and a further 12 months of beta testing, we have launched a new platform called Datum, specifically built to address the needs of the UK market. The simple and intuitive appraisal model utilises Microsoft Excel as its user interface, eliminating the risk of errors and ensuring compatibility and seamless transfer across other platforms.
All our customers enjoy a fully supported user experience, regular software updates, and proprietary helpdesk support.
Forbury UK's target client base will include investment and asset management houses, private equity investors, and family offices. UK customers signed up to date include Clipstone and Northtree.
Pete Rose, chief revenue officer at Forbury, says: “We have long aspired to enter the UK market, but were never naïve enough to think we could simply replicate our existing model. Different markets have different dynamics and different valuation methodologies, and our approach has to reflect this. We are confident that the last year in preparation mode has been time well spent and that we have responded with the most intuitive and user-orientated valuation product on the market.”


With a track record spanning 15 years, Forbury is responsible for around 600,000 annual valuation calculations globally and has around 1500 users from organisations including Brookfield, Colliers, Cromwell, Cushman & Wakefield, GIC, JLL, KKR, Lendlease, and Savills.


If you'd like to learn more about Datum, get in touch for a free demo.

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