The promise of Proptech: harnessing the benefits of the digital revolution

The promise of Proptech:

The digital revolution didn't begin yesterday, while some in the historically conservative property sector industry have adopted technology, a lot have yet to cotton on to the benefits transformative technology can deliver.

Harnessing the benefits of the digital revolution

Doing things as they've always been done has long been the modus operandi for developers, investors and the array of other professions and organisations that service the sector. In the main, it’s served them well. Property remains one of Australia’s brightest and most buoyant industries; a reliable generator of prosperity, jobs and growth.

But times are a-changing and, in today’s COVID-altered business climate, they’re changing extraordinarily fast. Customers and their needs are taking centre stage and leveraging technology to improve efficiency and productivity, and deliver a superlative customer experience, has become an imperative for organisations and businesses across the industry.

At Forbury, that's something we've always been passionate about.

Our company was founded in 2014 with the mission of empowering our customers – commercial real estate valuers – with user friendly, intuitive tools that make investment modelling faster and more accurate. Our motto is ‘make the complex simple’ and we believe technology should do exactly that. In the not-so-long term, we envisage our eponymous platform sitting within a community of digital solutions that allow customers to share information and make data-driven decisions that result in better business outcomes.


To that end, we’re delighted to announce our sponsorship of the PropTech Summit 2020. The Australasian property industry’s pre-eminent forum for professionals with an interest or involvement in their organisation’s digital transformation journey, this year’s event is a virtual one.

The stellar line-up of speakers includes Forbury’s very own Scott Willson, our long-time chief executive officer. Scott has devoted his professional career to building a business and a product that harnesses the power of technology to drive better outcomes for some of the property industry’s heaviest hitters. He’ll be sharing a panel with Charter Hall, Scentre Group, the Brisbane Economic Development Agency and Proptech Association Australia discussing some of the lessons we’ve learnt about making proptech implementations successful; compulsory listening and viewing for businesses looking to get real returns on their investment in digital solutions and platforms.

Hope to see you there. Here's to connecting, collaborating and contributing!

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