Create your own in-house custom sheets within your Forbury models, adding any additional calculations, analysis or branding to meet your business needs.

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    A supplementary product to use alongside the core Forbury Commercial and Retail valuation models, Custom allows your organisation to create new sheets within your models. Providing you the freedom to adapt as you need to suit your business needs, and differentiate yourself from the competition. Your customisations can be uploaded and included in all future models, for effortless reuse across your organisation.

    Key Features of Forbury Custom:

    The power to create custom sheets
    With user-level permissions, you can keep your customisations standardised across your organisation. While selected users will be able to modify the custom sheets, other team members with a Forbury license can access the custom sheets within their models.

    Adapt outputs
    Now you can build out your own calculation and analysis using your Forbury model outputs.

    Tailor your reporting
    Personalise your reporting templates and branding, directly linking to the Forbury output in your models.

    Capability to build common input reference sheets
    Keep reference information consistent across your organisation for simple input into your models.

    Structure data outputs for integrations
    Arrange data in a specific format for accurate input into other systems and software used within/throughout your business.

    If you would like more information on Forbury Custom

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