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The Forbury Add-in: Drives Faster Performance

 |  8 August 2023

Process Large Models Much Faster

The Forbury Add-in drives faster performance from your models, saving you valuable time. Customers who run large, multi-tenanted properties and ALL Forbury Retail users can benefit from the Forbury Add-in. It’s an optional way to update valuations, you can simply go through the steps to install and deploy the Forbury Add-in to your users. 

With the Forbury Add-in you can:

  • Process large models (100+ tenants) faster than the macro-enabled alternative
  • Benefit from the additional security measures  
  • Continue to use a familiar, transparent, and flexible interface that is easy to use
  • Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication across your organization
  • Facilitate SSO – login to Forbury applications using your Microsoft account


Forbury Customers: Find out more

Go here for further details about the Forbury Add-in, including steps to install.

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