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Access the Single Asset model
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Step 1: Sign up

Fill in the form above to sign up. Decide whether you would like to trial Datum Portfolio or Datum Single Asset. Choosing the Portfolio option gives you access to both our Portfolio and Single-Asset models.

Step 2: Get started

Once we have your account set up, you’ll receive instructions via email. This will offer a step-by-step guide on how to download your first model. Our UK team of support analysts are here to help you through this process if needed.

Step 3: Install the Forbury Add-in

The Forbury Add-in is the connection between excel and the cloud. This allows the Forbury engine to take care of the computations in the cloud, which means no more crashing spreadsheets! Download the Add-in from the Microsoft Office store.

If you need to pass any information onto your IT team, you can send them to our IT & Security page, or feel free to cc them into an email with and we can walk them through the details.

Step 4: Support

You can find a library of walk through videos here to get you started, or just give our support team a call and they can jump on to help get you moving and give you on the fly training as needed. Most people find it’s a quick 30-minute call and they’re away.

Any questions? Email