Smart Appraisal Software for Commercial Real Estate

Elevate your services. Build best in class modelling processes for trusted, transparent pitches that quickly align counterparties and streamline due diligence. 



Fast, Trusted Models; Exceptional Presentation

Streamline your processes throughout the deal cycle with transparent, accurate modelling software that presents a trusted opinion of value bespoke to each client.

Developed by industry experts for the UK and European markets, Forbury Datum uses a familiar Excel interface that's packed full of modern software features. Reduce manual data entry, return an IRR in minutes, share trusted models and quickly align counterparties.

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Advantages For Agents

Create Bespoke Models

Pitch accurate opinion of value assessments with easily tailored models, custom templates and analysis features to suit the unique needs of each client or segment.

Elevated Presentation

Leverage template customisation and design-led graphic reports fed by the model. Deliver outstanding, brand-aligned pitch presentations, tailored to your clients' needs. 


Lead your pitches with straight forward, transparent models. Keep all stakeholders on the same page to  align counter parties faster and streamline due diligence. 


Build consistent workflows and create your own house-view templates. Work on appraisals within your team and share Forbury models with external parties for easy and transparent collaboration.


All the technical functionality you need, with a familiar Excel interface that’s straight forward to navigate, easily traceable and fast to adopt. The intuitive design makes it quick to pick up.

On-Call Support

Access UK-Based support from our experienced team of Commercial Real Estate analysts whenever you need. They'll get you onboarded, set up and your first model completed in an hour. 

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I’d used Forbury previously and really liked the product, it was the only thing we wanted to use. I picked up the phone to Ed and said, “we’re starting a new business and would like to work with Forbury again”. It came from a desire to provide more for our clients, which using Forbury helps us achieve.

Ellie Kirkby
Partner & Co-Founder - Park Place Retail

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The team at Forbury have listened to what we were needing and have worked enthusiastically to meet our objectives. The software is easy to use and intuitive and the support from the Forbury team has been first class.

Nick Penny
Head of Scotland, Savills

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Forbury gave us the opportunity to streamline a lot of our processes. We run a really lean analytics team, and we’d rather be focused on pricing assumptions and scenarios than ensuring the reliability of the underlying output.

Brock McDermott
Director - McVay Real Estate

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Industry-Leading Features

Import Tool

Automatically populate your model with tenancy information from PDF or Excel. Save time and risk associated with manual data entry.

Error Alerts

Advanced error alerts take you directly to input errors and guide you on what needs to be fixed. With a single click, you’ll be taken directly to the cell in question.

Scenario Analysis In One Worksheet

Compare as many scenarios as you like within the same model. Quickly toggle through your scenarios to view the variances in key property metrics.


Design-led Custom Reports

Present exceptional graphic reports that are automatically fed by the model. Create designed reports in line with client branding or to your own guidelines.



Set up unlimited house view templates or custom templates for each client. Save time, minimise data entry and standardise inputs across your organisation. Populate your in-house assumptions (global views) and industry benchmarks into your models instantly.


Custom Sheets

Build bespoke sheets that can adapt to your clients' needs. Perform side calculations, additional data analysis, and augment reporting to match your brand and technical requirements. Your custom sheets are included in all future models, for effortless use across your organisation.


Finance Modelling

Frame additional funding structures, such as interest costs, management fees, management incentives and other dynamics; to understand geared and levered returns.


Retail Functionality

Assess retail and other non-standard commercial real estate assets with DATUM Single Asset. Leverage powerful features like forecasting tenant level costs, asset level costs, and other tenant income.


Forbury Products


Datum Single Asset

Fast analysis of cash flows with entry/exit yields.


Datum Portfolio

Transforming complex portfolio modelling.

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