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10 time saving features for Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

 |  8 August 2023

10 time saving features for Commercial Real Estate Appraisals
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Author: Steve Surridge

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite time-saving features, seen to reduce modelling time by up to 95%. As always, get in touch with our support team if you’d like assistance with any of these features!

1. Auto populate your tenancy data via PDF upload function
Drag and drop your property fliers, automatically populating tenancy data into your models. Our import tool scans PDFs for tenancy data, automatically inputting it into your model. 
Watch the video of the PDF uploader tool in action:
2. Auto populate your tenancy data via Excel upload function 
Upload your rent roll excel files and avoid copy pasting!

3. Portfolio modelling made easy

Eliminating the need to aggregate data from multiple sources, Datum Portfolio offers dynamic scenario analysis and allows users to immediately see the impact of including or excluding individual properties on portfolio returns as well as the ability to see individual and overall asset returns with our review sheets. It’s been seen to improve modelling time by up to 95%. 
- Watch the video below for a walkthrough of a portfolio modelling workflow or read about it here


4. Scenario analysis within one model
Quickly toggle through saved scenarios to restore your base case inputs and see your exact assumptions all on one Excel workbook, you no longer have to save and re-open various workbooks. 
Watch the video below for a walkthrough of a scenario analysis, or read about it here


5. Transparent workings are easy to trace
Forbury products use an Excel interface so you can use formulas and see behind the scenes, unlike other tools on the market where these features are locked away. With Forbury there’s no time wasted tracking back or saving multiple model files to remember how you arrived at an IRR.

6. Locked input cells
Our locked input cells save hours wasted on collaboration mishaps or human errors, meaning you can rely on the model being accurate as you aren’t overwriting previously populated models as you start with blank input cells every time.

7. IRR in less than five minutes
Our Forbury Add-in does the heavy lifting. Using our cloud engine to make calculations, allows our models to compute comprehensive detail, without being limited by the processing power that this requires. Particularly for portfolio modelling, this results in significant decreases in calculation time. For you, this means screening more deals in less time and the ability to include rigorous detail without your models slowing down or crashing.

8. Standardization
Having a set way of working for the entire team creates a consistent workflow, meaning efficient working without second guessing. Everyone’s on the same page with the same tool, Excel models can have adjustments that other models don’t.

9. Well considered, clean design
A straightforward dashboard is often overlooked with in-house models, the effort put into simplifying models saves time. The look and feel of our models allows for faster input of assumptions and deal metrics.

10. Easy Sharing
Share pre-populated models internally or with key stakeholders. They’ll be able to play around with the finance without having a Forbury licence. Allowing them to try different scenarios themselves and save to the portal.

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