The ultimate tool to value Institutional-grade Commercial Office and Industrial Real Estate.




Valuing institutional-grade Commercial and Industrial Real Estate is complex. So a tool built for the exact needs of the industry is paramount.

Forbury Commercial was developed specifically for commercial valuers. Our customers have shaped and evolved its core design, based on market needs for over a decade, making it the most powerful commercial valuation tool in the market.  

With Excel as its interface, the core function of Forbury Commercial is straightforward; it provides an integrated assessment of value using Capitalisation of Net Income, Discounted Cashflow (DCF) and Direct Comparison methods of valuation.

Use Forbury Commercial property value calculator to:

- Assess acquisition & divestment opportunities
- Undertake property valuations for mortgage and other reporting purposes
- Project valuation forecasts
- Leasing scenario analysis
- Cashflow budgeting / forecasting: 20 year cashflows by month, 10 year rolling DCF

Join the thousands of property professionals all over the world using Forbury Commercial real estate valuation software.

Key Features of Commercial Model:

Scale up or scale down

Caters for all sized properties: scale up to handle complex mixed use, multi-tenanted office buildings. Or scale down for simple single tenant properties. Use Forbury Commercial for a Commercial office building, industrial property or mixed-use Real Estate.

No need to worry about different net/gross data sets

Caters for all types of existing lease structures; gross, net, increase over base and semi-gross leases.
Allows you to set net or gross markets rents, net or gross speculative incentives and/or net or gross market rent growth assumptions. These can be inputted in Calendar, Financial or Model Year formats.
Forbury Commercial works out what it needs to apply without you having to perform conversion calculations.

Flexible options for Structured Lease Reviews

You have the ability to input various types of rent review structures for existing leases, including fixed percent, to a fixed amount, CPI, CPI+ and market face and effective reviews. Forbury Commercial also allows for cap, collars and ratchet clauses.

Model a variety of Tenant Incentives

Lump sum, rent free (gross or net basis) and/or rental abatements can be applied over the remaining term of the lease. Speculative incentives can also be apportioned as a lump sum, rent free or rebate in any combination.

Complete flexibility when applying assumptions for lease renewals

Stipulate vacancy and renewal assumptions from general global settings based on user defined renewal types. These renewal assumptions can then be further customised by year and on a tenant by tenant basis.
You can also specify speculative lease arrangements to understand the value impact of proposed or new lease deals.

Input Capital Expenditure as allowances or by project

Input specific budgeted Capital Expenditure programs or allow for general allowances based on a percentage of gross income, rate per area or annual amount.

Generate concise reports and analysis

Enhance decision-making and drive investment performance with monthly cash flow breakdowns and meaningful tenant-by-tenant audit capabilities.

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