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Developed solely for the UK Capital Transactions market, Datum provides speedy cash flow analysis with entry/exit yields for office and industrial properties.

Use Datum to quickly assess current investment opportunities to enable investors to make informed, calculated decisions on which properties to pursue. With this tool you gain cash flow analysis, terminal value analysis and entry price analysis, and by combining these three, investors can clearly see the viability of a transaction on an acquisition.

A snapshot of the Datum Model


At the heart of Datum is our simple and intuitive appraisal model. With Excel as the User Interface (UI), you will love this because it is transparent and familiar. Now there's no need to worry about the risk of errors, version control, or the struggle to keep models up-to-date across team members. Calculations are lightning-quick, as they are performed in our behind-the-scenes cloud engine. This means you can easily goal seek an IRR in seconds, run instant ratios/metrics and make fast decisions on 'go' or 'no go' acquisition milestones.



Surrounding the Datum Model is our portal. You can simply log in (no hardware or installation required) and see your entire portfolio as a map or in a tabular format. Say goodbye to worries about version-control, as the portal stores all previous input sets and uses the latest version of software to restore historic models. The portal also uses encrypted security protocols which allows you to share and collaborate, within teams, using permission sets providing review, edit and/or sharing options.

Forbury Portal Map View, UK example

Cover more of the market in less time with Forbury's intuitive valuation software

Datum comes with Powerful Insights

Datum comes with UK -specific scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis and gearing analysis. Switch between price-oriented and IRR-oriented methodologies with a few clicks. 

Forbury models can be securely shared between parties

The cloud-based Excel models can be securely shared between buyers, sellers and brokers and the final dashboards are ready for your Board or Investment Committee. 

Every Forbury model is consistent to ensure Data Confidence
Data confidence

Every model produced in Datum is consistent, so there’s no more scrambling to search for a particular metric in models from different analysts. It’s in the same place, every time.

Excel based so it's easy to trust our calculations.
transparent logic

Datum is Excel-based so it’s easy to trace and trust our calculations. No more “black box solutions”, no more doubt.

Forbury software requires no installation, just a simple login.

No installations, just a simple log in. And you’re fully trained in less than two hours. 

Forbury software is continually tested by our users

We know spreadsheet errors kill deals. Our software is continually tested by thousands of expert users everyday, so you can be sure you have best practice at your fingertips.

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