Create Portfolios of properties with a click of a button to consolidate individual property valuation data.



    Aggregate multiple Real Estate valuation data to create valuation outputs, cash flows and analytics on portfolios of properties. 

    Web-based, our Portfolio solution saves you considerable time combining information for reporting purposes and updating fund models. Simply upload your valuations, allocate to a fund and download Excel-based portfolio / fund consolidation reports.

    Key Features of Portfolio Model:

    Leverage existing models

    Use your structure and data-feeds from your existing models so no need for double-entry. Just submit (or update) your model inputs into the Forbury server and identify which are valuations or scenarios

    Build up a Portfolio of properties

    Create specific portfolios from your existing individual property valuations. Use your personal Forbury portal to data-warehouse the valuations management of each property fund

    Meaningful reporting

    Excel-based reports can be generated at the click of a button. View property-by property analytics and valuation metrics by property and overall. Annual and monthly cashflows with detailed analysis available by property or by line item

    Analyse efficiently

    Detailed comparison vs prior reporting period. Growth rates by location / sector and property grade. Meaningful tenant-level deep dive, explore your top 20, industry / risk exposure and expiry analysis

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