Designed specifically for shopping centres, this valuation model is specialised for a retail setting.



Shopping Centres can be difficult and time-consuming to value. Assessing tenant health requires detailed information usually buried within manual, complex spreadsheets.

Forbury Retail draws on detailed information on each space within a shopping centre. It allows you to feed in a variety of critical elements to ensure expected cashflows are correct.

Excel based, Forbury Retail brings through sales data, presents tenant occupancy cost ratios as the driver for market rent assessments and provides smart outputs. This allows you to assess tenancy performance by major tenant and individual trade categories.

Key Features of Retail Model:

Accommodates complex tenant lease scenarios

Tiered percentage rent structures with natural and un-natural break points, base rent reviews reset periodically based on prior performance, market rental reversions

Comprehensive recoveries modelling

Build up recovery profiles by expense item and proportion of expense recoverable with no limits on expense line items. Recover cost items over varying area profiles within each recovery code

Shopping centre specific input functionality

Turnover, percentage rent and occupancy cost analysis

Present the right drivers

Sales, rent, and area, broken down into trade categories for presentation. Review tenant occupancy cost ratios as the driver for market rent assessments.

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