Meet the Forbury Leadership team

Steve Surridge

Steve is the founder of Forbury. Developing an intuitive valuation tool speaks to Steve's clarity and creativity. He solves complex challenges, with clean and simple logic. During his corporate career Steve developed customised valuation tools for the major players in commercial real estate in Australasia. This work highlighted a common need in commercial real estate investment tools, which led to the formation of Forbury. Today, Steve continues to work on product design and business development.

Scott Willson

Scott has a mathematical mind. Curious and creative, he applies logic to unlock performance. Scott has grown Forbury from the ground up. As CEO, he has developed his people into a high-performing team. He celebrates competence and thrives on building culture, loyalty and results. Challenging the status quo and building authentic customer value are important to Scott, and he is proud of Forbury's status as the number one business of its kind in Australasia.

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