Amelia Brereton

Customer Success Manager

Look out for the quiet ones. Amelia is a very smart young woman, and at Forbury she works as our Customer Success Manager. This means she has her finger on the pulse of the business and her eye on the needs of the customers. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from The University of Otago and she loves data and deciphering. She is particularly enamoured with maths, learning new things, and figuring things out. She is blessed with a sharp wit and she fits right in here at Forbury.

Prior to Forbury, Amelia worked as a Business and Strategy Analyst at Toyota NZ's head office; she managed the national roll-out of a Telematics project (putting tracking units in cars). She can manage large-scale projects with precision and infinite attention to mathematical details. Oh, and she is obsessed with magic.

In Amelia’s words, not ours, “I am a Harry Potter nutjob”. She tells us she is Ravenclaw, her wand is willow wood with a unicorn hair core, 14 ½ inch and quite bendy flexibility, and her Patronus is an Adder. Lost much?

She is a diligent soul who likes to get on with her work. She enjoys being part of the Forbury family and is completely stoked to be able to bring Vladdy, her dog, to work with her.

We are delighted to have Amelia and Vladdy along for the ride.

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