Jayden Dodge

Chief Technology Officer

Jayden Dodge is our Chief Technology Officer here at Forbury. He joined us early on and has been fundamental in the evolution and success of Forbury and our products. Jayden took Forbury to the cloud and he is instrumental in leading and maintaining our ongoing progression. He designs, develops and maintains our web servers and new web applications. When Jayden started, he was the Dev Team – he now leads the Dev and his crew love him.

Jayden loves gaming, he is a sociable character both on and off the interweb and he is always keen to have a good laugh. Not surprisingly, slow internet and poor design drive Jayden bonkers. Best of all Jayden is thoughtful and logical in his approach; he is creative, smart and solution focused.

When we asked Jayden what he likes about working at Forbury he said it’s the people. He enjoys working alongside people who are good at what they do and being part of a team that works so effectively together towards one common goal. He likes applying his skills to this bigger picture and working with people who genuinely want to perform well. He also likes the freedom he has to shape the Forbury products. He likes the trust within the team and the independence he has to be creative.

We are lucky to have Jayden on the Forbury team.

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