Jesse Bennett


Jesse joined Forbury as an Analyst; alongside Amelia & Kardy he takes care of product releases, customisations, and client support. He has an eye for details and finance, and that blend sets him up perfectly to help bring Forbury’s products to the people.

Jesse was previously in an accounting role; however, good luck and good timing put Forbury in his sights. Being interested in property, Jesse found the perfect home in which to apply his financial skills and analytical mind. We are stoked because he brings youth and good humour to the Forbury analyst team.

On the flipside, Jesse is musical and creative! He is a drummer – when the neighbours are in a tolerant mood – and he has been known to pick up a guitar from time to time. You can catch him on his bike in the Port Hills and out running when it is warm (Canterbury warm that is). Videography is a sneaky passion and he contrasts all these creative interests with keeping his eye on the financial markets.

Jesse marches to the beat of his own drum; paradoxically he is analytical and creative, he likes the indoors and the outdoors and he is driven but is a cruiser. Best of all he fits right in here at Forbury.

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