Katie Bacon

Head of Product

Katie has quickly grown through the ranks at Forbury as her skills, passion and smarts have propelled her into our Head of Product. Katie is cool and calm as a cucumber under pressure and has a real talent for driving the product with the customers’ needs front and centre. Katie’s ability to relate to our customers and her desire to help others grow make her ideal in this role!

Katie relocated to NZ just before the world went into lockdown, but man, we are super stoked that she landed here with us! Prior to moving from the US to NZ, she worked for Prologis and Goldman Sachs. Katie enjoys bringing a global perspective to the role and she is excited to grow both the team and products.

When Katie’s not navigating through our product you can find her navigating through the back country of New Zealand as her favourite escape is head into the outdoors for the weekend. Katie is also our go to for any restaurant recommendations!

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