Michael Strudwick

Commercial Manager

Michael's master mind sorts complex problems.

Michael is our Commercial Manager and he has the unique ability to shake clarity, simplicity and order out of complexity. In fact, he makes this look like an artform. He loves using a simple diagram to explain complex problems, and you will often find Michael sitting at his desk sketching out an idea on a piece of paper. The answers appear and he makes things easy to understand. He has an order-creating mind; it’s gold.

Rewind twenty years to a fresh-faced Michael leaving University with a Commerce degree majoring in Finance. He joined Ernst & Young’s Corporate Finance team in Sydney, Australia and met Forbury Founder, Steve Surridge. It turned out that these two spoke the same language. A wide range of projects provided many opportunities for problem-solving and during this time Michael was introduced to the glorious world of property valuation modelling.

Returning to New Zealand some years later, Michael joined Cameron Partners investment bank and continued to build on both his financial modelling and transactional experience. With a wide array of industries, from Airports to Forestry, no two transactions were similar. The Cameron Partners “less is more” and visual mapping approach to advisory work resonated with Michael and continues to guide him now.

Seeking further career balance and transitioning from being an advisor to working with a corporate was next on the list of things to do. Goodman Property provided a platform where Michael had a wide-ranging role that covered treasury, capital markets, and the beautiful world of systems, budgeting and forecasting. From building business processes to attending Board meetings, the nine years at Goodman Property generated a wide range of accomplishments.

Here at Forbury we are delighted to put Michael’s mind to work in both the operational aspects of the business and product development. He loves leading and working in our team, challenging the status quo and being head of ‘sense-making’.

Outside of work Michael enjoys a wide range of activities, from a quiet family life with his wife and two kids, to the more adrenalin-charged jetski and motocross racing.

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