Mitchell Currey

Senior Software Engineer

Mitchell is a good dancer, and so much more. He is our Senior Software Engineer here at Forbury and he brings just the right energy to the team. He is here to build new products, maintain our existing products and bring fresh ideas to the table. Mitchell is amazing at designing straightforward systems; he embodies our ‘making complex simple’ philosophy.

Mitchell takes a pragmatic approach to his work. He also supports the team in their roles and always has your back. He is pleased to be in an environment where he can be creative, have lots of freedom and be part of the wider project here at Forbury. Mitchell likes the future-focused environment at Forbury; he is excited about the progression and we are always eager to see where his ideas take us.

Mitchell likes fast cars, latin dancing and gaming, in no specific order. This interesting blend of pastimes speaks to Mitch’s character: he likes precision and speed; quick cars and the Quickstep; V8s and the Cha Cha. You get the idea.

We are pleased to have Mitchell and all his interests and ideas here at Forbury.

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