Pete Rose

Head of UK

Pete Rose has been with Forbury since its inception. Pete and founder Steve Surridge went to primary school together and their paths crossed again at Solid Energy later in life. As in both childhood and the corporate world, the pair set about cooking up smart ideas and getting stuck in.

Pete has a sharp wit and a sharp mind, both of which he uses with reckless abandon. He was actually expelled from the aforementioned primary school but went on to gain a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Auckland University, an MBA from Cranfield School of Management (UK) and is a Chartered Accountant with the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants. All’s well that ends well.

Pete worked as the Chief Operating Officer for Ngāi Tahu Property, leading the charge in building a significant investment property portfolio. He moved into a General Manager role for the iwi, focused on developing the North Island investments. He is also Chairman of Rakaia Island and Ellesmere Agriculture, a $150m dairy operation and associated contracting business, and a Director of Flow Software, a software integration company.  

Pete works as an advisor to Kinleith Land and Infrastructure, the property arm of a family business, and is a Director of EXpotential, a software company measuring, evaluating and improving employee experience (EX).  Along the way he also worked for KPMG, Citibank, Eli Lilly, PGG Wrightson and Air New Zealand. His experience is profound, and we are delighted to have him on the Forbury team.

Clearly, he can help with the heavy lifting here at Forbury, but there is one equivocal claim being thrown about by Mr Rose. Pete maintains he was able to beat Steve in running races at primary school. As the rest of the staff suggest, firstly it is very difficult to trust an expellee, and secondly, we have marked out 100m ready for the Christmas party. Loser pays the piper; game on.

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