Scott Willson


Scott Willson has a mathematical mind. Curious and creative, he applies logic to unlock performance. Using a highly analytical approach, Scott undertakes process improvement, forecasting and financial modeling, and strategy development.

With an Honours Commerce Degree specialising in Operations Research, Scott began his career building strategic models for the public sector in New Zealand. Across a broad range of industries, he developed investment frameworks, profitability and forecasting models, and a reputation for being highly analytical.

During time in the UK, Scott built change management experience into his repertoire. He developed his senior management and operational skills by integrating an acquired business into the fold of an existing business. Scott then worked alongside Forbury’s founder, Steve Surridge, as an Investment Analyst at NZ’s largest SOE. It was here they discovered the power of combining their thinking styles.

Scott has grown the Forbury business from the ground up. As CEO he has developed analysts, software developers, and product, sales and marketing managers into a high-performing team. His ability to simplify complex information extends to his management approach. He celebrates competence and thrives on building culture, loyalty and results. Challenging the status quo and building authentic customer value are important to Scott. He is proud of Forbury’s achievements and status as the number one business of its kind in Australasia. Scott speaks passionately about this success, conveying the power of the Forbury product and the Forbury people.

He is thrilled to be able to operate on a global scale from his home country, New Zealand. It is here he can be found spending time with his family and balancing a busy mind by spending time in the outdoors. Scott’s goal is to create the optimal balance, managing time with his family, keeping fit and healthy, and enjoying the upward challenges of his work life.

We suggested he build a model for it.

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