Seyoun Lim

Full Stack Developer

Seyoun is a developer here at Forbury and he is sharp! He comes from Korea, where he had a career in a unique range of different areas: IT, web development and managing IT in the Korean army. This varied background means Seyoun considers logistics, the user experience, and how to streamline the process for the internal team and the end-user. He has a different frame of reference from others on our team and this diversity adds strength to the group. 

When we asked Seyoun what he liked about working at Forbury, he said the coffee machine. Then, second to the espresso maker, came his co-workers! He enjoys the freedom to manage his time and projects, and the variety of tasks he has to tackle. Seyoun works hard. He is meticulous (and we agree, the coffee machine is pretty good).

When he is not at work Seyoun enjoys spending time with his family; his wife and young son. He likes gaming and most of all he loves cats. The best bit of his story is that he met his wife in a cat club. Cats and cappuccinos; welcome to the team, Seyoun.

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