Steve Surridge


Steve is the founder of Forbury. Developing an intuitive valuation tool speaks to Steve’s clarity and creativity. He solves complex challenges, with clean and simple logic. He has a mind focused on finding efficiencies and he loves order.

As a young man Steve excelled in two sports, rugby and judo. His disciplined and focused nature, coupled with a drive towards high performance, resulted in him obtaining national Judo titles and playing rugby at the highest level, the All Blacks.

Steve took the fundamental skills he learnt in high performance sport – performing under pressure, effective decision-making and teamwork – and transitioned successfully and relatively quickly into the boardroom. Steve spent 5 years of his professional career working with Ernst & Young as a financial modeling consultant. Steve then pursued a corporate career and became the Chief Financial Officer for two of New Zealand’s biggest companies, Solid Energy and Tait Communications.

During his career Steve developed customised valuation tools for the major players in commercial real estate in Australasia. This work highlighted a common need in commercial real estate investment tools and resulted in the development of a bespoke solution for property valuation, which led to the formation of Forbury. Steve continues to work on product design and business development and together with his team has grown the Forbury business to its current status as the best of its kind in Australasia.

Steve’s career progression has been balanced with formal training. He built on his Engineering degree from the University of Auckland by completing a postgraduate diploma in Manufacturing Management at the University of Cambridge in the UK. Time at Cambridge shaped Steve’s natural ability to think about structure, enabling system development and business model innovation at Forbury. While in Sydney he gained a postgraduate diploma in Finance and Investment from the Securities Institute of Australia.

Steve is a deep thinker; his ideas are inspired by an intrinsic desire to make sense of complexity. So, what keeps Steve awake at night? Thinking about the possibility of an anti-gravity machine, machine learning, the evolution of Homo sapiens and the history of mankind,and the interesting lives of his four young daughters.

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