Thor Russell

Full Stack Developer

Thor is one of our developers. His particular expertise is in back end software development, with a focus on algorithms and the data science to support new upcoming products. Thor absorbs, deciphers and interprets information like a machine. He is a data scientist by trade, and he is interested in everything.

Thor likes working at Forbury because of the team and the nature of the project. He finds the work intriguing, fulfilling and the environment ripe for innovation. He enjoys the freedom and the opportunity to apply his thinking to a pragmatic and commercial tool. He is an analytical and critical thinker, with a mind that thrives on solving problems and on innovation.

Thor has two young kids, who love to explore and take in the New Zealand scenery. He is a keen outdoor enthusiast and is keen to impart his appreciation for the outdoors to the next generation. 

We are pleased to have Thor and his brain on board.

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