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The Forbury team is a humble group of highly engaged experts: expert in their specialisation and equally adept at self-organising collaborative teams to solve new challenges – we help each other to be great! The work environment encourages all team members irrespective of seniority to contribute their ideas. We are looking for people who thrive on excellence, candor and change.

Across the Forbury team, there is high-degree of strategic alignment – the Forbury strategy and its’ goals act as the basis for how performance is measured. The strategy/goals are regularly reviewed, discussed and challenged – in particular, which development priorities we are prioritising and why. Teams are loosely organised and typically on an as-required basis. There is a high degree of trust between team members without the need for others to always preview/approve which allows us to move fast.

Forbury is a work environment where team members are able to exercise a high degree of autonomy, control and direction of their own work. This means we are looking to people who are self-motivated, self-aware, self-disciplined, self-improving and people that don’t wait to be told what to do.

New Forbury team members will find themselves immediately engaged in challenging work and working alongside leaders in their field. Successful team members will continue to self-develop and as bigger roles become available the senior leadership team will, where possible, promote its’ own extra-ordinary performers who embody the Forbury ways of working.

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SaaS UX Designer

Purpose of the role:

To prepare and recommend user experience designs which have been validated with intended customers.

Preferred location:

Christchurch, New Zealand



Forbury is working toward a fully web-enabled solution and needs product design expertise to improve the responsiveness and predictability of our product development effort. We intend to make a cultural shift to place the intended customer at the forefront of designs to de-risk development work; this role will be at the frontier of this cultural shift. You will work hand-in-glove with our product managers and support collaborative efforts to promote new and emerging disciplines such as prototyping and user testing.


Holistic User Experience Design

  • Learn, document, and share an intimate knowledge of the customer journey. Understand why people are doing what they are doing
  • Map out all the customer touch points/interactions, how these evolve over time – from onboarding, through to accessing new functionality
  • Build knowledge of offline service experience – how product outcomes are relied on by customers for investment decision making

  • Build techniques to rapidly create prototypes with minimal engineering input
  • Communicate idea’s (and prototypes) internally and externally with customers

User Testing
  • Establish relationships with reference customers/users
  • Build-out a deliberate user-group with interest users to test, validate and refine idea’s/at regular intervals and gather insights

Interactive Design
  • Interaction: Design conceptual models, task flows and control layouts

What you'll bring
  • A proven track record implementing/developing user experiences from an established and commonly used methodology
  • Practicality: Comfortable pulling together many wireframe designs, de-emphasising how it will look/work once developed
  • Happy to ‘muck-in’, roll your sleeves up and get a UX journey started with little/no prior infrastructure in-place
  • Curiosity: demonstrated through ability to learn how to learn
  • Skilled at quickly building rapport and nurturing relationships
  • Collaborative work style: Effective communication skills, particularly in remote-working environments
  • Preference for team-based outcomes (team-player)
  • Creative problem-solving skills. An ability to think laterally and apply creative ideas to product/business/people challenges
  • An ability to avoid anchoring on designs before they are subject to honest and objective outside opinions
  • Experience with commonly used prototyping tools (including Figma)

Account Executive (APAC)

Purpose of the Role:

Grow recurring revenue through the expansion Forbury’s market reach into the mid-market/boutique Commercial Real Estate owner segment

Preferred location:

Australia, CBD location preferred



This is a newly created role established to meet the demands of ongoing regional growth across APAC. You will join a quickly growing company and work alongside all-stars in their positions, working remotely, with an ability to mix-it up by travelling domestically to meet potential customers/market-vendors and team-members inter-state. With offices in the United Kingdom and head-quarters in New Zealand you will be required to travel internationally to collaborate with marketing and product focused team-members.

This is a quote-carrying position and Forbury’s reward system provides uncapped earnings potential, and rapid career progression opportunities for candidates who can demonstrate their value and deliver results.


Drive market expansion

  • With Sales Manager APAC support, lead outbound activity to create momentum with target market vendors of CRE
  • Introduce Forbury products and services to target market vendors
  • Identify opportunities for Forbury software to assist market vendors (and their clients) with their own commercial outcomes
  • Follow-through on outcomes: Sustain momentum with market vendors through the initial software introduction phase
  • Work with Forbury product delivery/support: Build strong relationships, communication lines with internal team-members to establish and reinforce alignment on company goals

Win new customers
  • Create mechanisms to reinforce and drive sales-generated qualified leads out of market expansion activity
  • Take qualified leads through the sales process including: software demonstrations, setting up software trials and issuing proposals
  • Active deal management: ensure momentum is sustained for qualified customer opportunities
  • Overcome obstacles: Work with colleagues in sales, product, marketing, and customer success to overcome existing and new sales objections
  • Ensure seamless and smooth handover of new customers to customer success

Contribute to company-wide objectives
  • Contribute updates during fortnightly Sales WIP meetings
  • Provide input and experience to marketing team members to refine and improve the emerging Forbury sales process
  • Provide constructive feedback to sales development activity (marketing team)
  • Interpret relevant customer feedback for product personnel
  • Pass along upsell/cross-sell opportunities to customer success

What you'll bring
  • Experience working in a sales/partnership/services capacity in Australian CRE
  • Working knowledge of how software is used by small business owners
  • Empathy/understanding of the time-pressure, specifically during a CRE deal cycle
  • Ability to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Track record of meeting sales targets
  • Strong sense of integrity

Risk Coordinator

Purpose of the role:

To coordinate the delivery of a security programme, drive compliance activities and respond to stakeholder enquiries.

Preferred location:

Christchurch, New Zealand



Our customers trust us with sensitive and often confidential information: a responsibility that we take seriously. While our software solution leverages a modern, secure framework we also reinvest heavily in meeting international standards for security management and communicating these practices to stakeholders including existing and potential customers. We have an extensive risk framework, effective mitigations and a security culture that acts to share and communicate emerging security risks across a geographically diverse but highly integrated team.

Our development team leader is responsible for ensuring that Forbury has an effective information security programme and needs help with ensuring controls are in-place, policies are followed, compliance can be readily demonstrated and customer expectations for information can be met. The role of risk coordinator will take on this coordination role, and in close consultation with business leaders and external stakeholders coordinate the delivery of our security programme, our risk framework and compliance activities.


Effective Risk Management

  • Refine and improve the Forbury risk management methodology
  • Facilitate risk reviews with Management Team and Board of Directors
  • Identify risk treatment options, recommend action (accept, treat, etc)
  • Monitor risk environment and report changes in risk scores


Drive the Forbury Security Programme & Ensure Compliance

  • Work closely with Development Team Leader to deliver and enhance the Forbury Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Maintain security controls to detect non-conformity with the Forbury ISMS and report exceptions; ensure controls remain online as business systems evolve
  • Champion best practice security: Be a security role model with visibility across the company and coordinate initiatives to expand awareness of existing security policies, emerging threats, and recommended mitigations
  • Ensure Forbury team members are following the Access Control and the Acceptable Use policies governing access to data
  • Initiate business continuity simulations to ensure preparedness for real-life security scenarios
  • Coordinate the password rotation policy and support employee offboarding
  • Facilitate monthly security team meetings, and lead twice yearly Management team reviews of the Forbury ISMS
  • Lead and deliver the internal audit programme
  • Coordinate external audits for the purpose of certification and re-certification


Communications & Relationship

  • The point of call to acknowledge, draft, and respond to customer-specific security due diligence (DD) exercises
  • Continuously expand on and improve the Forbury security page
  • Work closely with critical IT vendors on security matters and where required drive scope of works for external provides. Examples include Cobalt (Penetration Testing), Quantum Security (Security Advisory) and Exodesk (Managed Services)
  • With Development Team Lead, coordinate responses to security incidents and service interruptions as a member of the Security Incident Response Team (SIRT)
  • Ensure our status page is up-to-date with helpful information during and after any service interruptions
  • Coordinate password manager subscription and permissions, monitor usage
  • Monitor breaches in software usage and coordinate customer responses


What you'll bring

  • A developed understanding of the security threats faced by Software companies which transmit confidential information’
  • Good working knowledge of the ISO27001:2013 standard including experience of implementing controls
  • Experience working in a high-growth company in which processes, systems, protocols are changing rapidly and need to respond to increased scrutiny
  • Comfortable with “rolling your sleeves up” when needed e.g. documenting the undocumented or working through detailed vendor due diligence questionnaires
  • Strong relationship management skills
  • Working knowledge of Agile software development (not essential)
  • Experience using JIRA, Confluence (not essential)


Working for Forbury

This really is a unique opportunity for a candidate who is excited by the prospects of working for one of the regions fastest growing PropTech SaaS providers. We have ambitious goals both domestically and offshore so where this role leads is driven by you. As we continue growing in every facet of our organisation, we are looking for smart, talented, and ambitious individuals who are looking to grow their careers in a rewarding, supportive and intellectually challenging environment. You will be working alongside a small friendly and entrepreneurial international team with a diverse range of backgrounds and qualifications.