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We exist to solve an industry problem: how to quickly and confidently determine the value of commercial real estate assets.

Our tools are user-friendly, intuitive and take the complexity and time-consuming nature out of property investment modelling, while empowering our customers to cover more of the market without additional resources and expense.


We make complex simple

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Institutional-grade Commercial Real Estate is complex and time-consuming to value. So, over the past 15 years, we've built property investment tools to solve the very real issues we experienced working with Real Estate Professionals. With this insight, we've developed a suite of tools that do exactly what you need them to do.

User-friendly and intuitive, the Forbury products are designed to make Commercial Real Estate investment modelling logical, simple and time-efficient.

Discover how Forbury can transform your business.

Forbury Commercial


The ultimate tool to value Institutional-grade Office & Industrial property.

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Forbury Retail


Designed specifically for shopping centres, this valuation model is specialised for a retail setting.

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