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Case Study: Forbury X Park Place Retail

Park Place Retail use Forbury to offer elevated services to their investor clients

In 2023, a group of colleagues founded Park Place Retail, their own Agency & Advisory firm, specialising in out-of-town retail and leisure. The experienced team wanted a modelling solution that would elevate their game and allow them to offer more to their clients. 

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I’d used Forbury previously and really liked the product, it was the only thing we wanted to use. I picked up the phone to Ed and said, “we’re starting a new business and would like to work with Forbury again”. It came from a desire to provide more for our clients, which using Forbury helps us achieve.



Ellie Kirkby Park Place Retail



Reducing Commercial Real Estate appraisal time by up to 95%, Forbury Datum is transforming the industry.

The Challenge

Starting out as new players in the market, Park Place Retail wanted to cement themselves as offering smart, elevated services that would deliver exceptional results and experience to their customers. They wanted to ensure they were leveraging data using modern tools, working smart, and ensuring the modelling process was robust, transparent, efficient, and ultimately helping them to offer more to their clients. 

Transparency and traceable workings are valuable benefits 

“With Forbury, you can see what goes behind the inputs because it’s based in Excel. This gives me confidence in the model we are using when presenting to clients. The support from the Forbury team has also been invaluable.” 

The Solution

Having had a Forbury trial previously, the Park Place Retail team knew they wanted to use Forbury from the start, “It was the only thing that we wanted to use”. They valued the transparency, efficiency, and flexibility of the models. Working in a competitive industry, they wanted to ensure their modelling solution could be tailored to their clients and projects, “with Forbury, we have been able to make our service more bespoke to our clients’ needs”.

Case Study - The Solution

The Benefits

Where Forbury delivers on value for Park Place Retail is the cash flow modelling. Being able to see transparently how outputs are calculated gives them the confidence when presenting to clients. With an Excel model like Forbury, they have also been able to create a more bespoke experience for their client’s needs.  

Ellie praises Forbury’s support team saying, “The support provided by Forbury has been invaluable. They are readily available to help me work through any queries, even jumping on calls and walking me through how to resolve my query.” 


See how Forbury Datum elevates modern appraisal workflows.

Fast, transparent and designed for industry collaboration.

About Park Place Retail

Park Place Retail, established in the Autumn 2023 by a team of eight partners, specialises in out-of-town retail, leisure and food stores. Most of their instructions and clients date back many years, reflecting the quality and consistency of advice they offer. As a trusted partner, they leverage their industry insight and unwavering dedication to deliver tailored advice, asset management and investment strategies.





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