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Northtree Case Study

How Northtree increased agility by modelling faster

An early adopter of Forbury Datum, Northtree have significantly
reduced modelling time, while driving even greater confidence in their

Northtree Partners

A New Approach

Throughout their careers in real estate investment, Northtree’s founders Nathan Hargreaves and Sandy Wilson had found existing software platforms to be difficult to use and unfit for purpose.

The launch of Northtree presented the opportunity to find a solution that could meet their requirements:

  • An auto-population tool to remove errors and save time associated with manual entry
  • An intuitive interface that required little or no training
  • A Microsoft Excel interface for familiarity and flexibility
  • A suite of traditional valuation metrics alongside full discounted cashflow analysis
  • Financing logic that enabled refinancing and multiple tranches
  • The ability to share models and collaborate both internally and externally with partners
  • Security, protection/integrity and version control
  • Professional outputs that utilise graphs and charts
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Reducing appraisals time by up to 95%, Datum is transforming the industry.

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Forbury has enabled us to analyse opportunities in great detail and with the speed required in this fast moving market, driving even greater confidence in the investments we make.

Time and resources are saved not only in the reduction of manual inputs, but through the speed with which deals can be assessed, scenarios appraised and sensitivities instantly analysed. Forbury gives us the peace of mind that there are no errors or integrity issues within the models.

Nathan Hargreaves & Sandy Wilson, Founding Partners - Northtree

Enter Forbury

Forbury is the market leader in APAC, used by over 200 real estate groups completing over 600,000 valuations and feasibility studies a year. After completing 18 months of research, Forbury launched Datum, a specific product designed to meet the unique requirements of the UK market.

Providing a solution that far exceeds the capabilities of existing software, feedback from market participants has been exceptional.

As an early adopter of Datum Single Asset, Northtree worked closely with Forbury to both refine the platform and put it to best use across its business. Time and resources have been saved, accuracy increased and investment agility improved.

For an investment manager such as Northtree, working proactively to identify and assess risk at pace, these benefits have been imperative to deliver on their strategy and help create a competitive advantage.


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We would strongly recommend Forbury to anyone looking to adopt a modernised, fast and incredibly easy-to-use solution for financial modelling.

Nathan Hargreaves & Sandy Wilson, Founding Partners | Northtree
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