Embrace benefits of discounted cashflow valuations

 |  26 January 2022

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Author: Peter Rose

The publication of RICS’ Review of Real Estate Investment Valuations gives the property industry a golden opportunity to increase accuracy and trust in increasingly dynamic real estate markets.


The conclusion that discounted cashflow should now be used as the primary methodology when preparing valuations is particularly significant.

At a time when conventional methods are coming under greater scrutiny, discounted cashflow offers greater accuracy, more granular detail, a sounder valuation base and a more forward-looking perspective.

And with institutional investors allocating capital to a wide range of financial assets, it is a methodology that they are not only comfortable with but actively prefer.

It is for these reasons that Forbury has incorporated discounted cashflow into our valuation platforms as standard.


"Trust in accurate valuations is the bedrock of all property markets. The time has come for the entire sector to embrace the advantages that discounted cashflow valuations bring."



Over the years, more features and functionality have progressively been added into Forbury's software. We are continuously thinking of better ways to leverage our property valuation tech for the benefit of our customers. Property professionals using Forbury gain increased accuracy and speed, empowering them to cover more of the market without additional resources and expense.


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About the Author: Pete Rose is Forbury's Chief Revenue Officer, and his ideas are inspired by his passion for the commercial real estate industry.

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