Forbury Custom

Your model. Your expertise.

Harness the power of Forbury Commercial and Forbury Retail.

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Forbury Custom allows your organisation to create new sheets within your Forbury models. Developed to leverage the full flexibility of Excel, Custom allows in-house experts to build new sheets to suit your business needs.

Retain confidence in the outcomes, protect data integrity and ensure a consistent approach.



With infinite possibilities; explore some of the ways Custom can be used.

  • Execute additional calculations
  • Perform deeper analysis
  • Apply your brand to reports
  • Utilise common reference sheets
  • Structure for data integrations




Streamline processes with your custom sheets downloaded into each new model. With outputs auto-populated from the base model, rework and data entry is minimised across your organisation.

Protected by user-level permissions, Custom sheets are built by the right experts, for everyone's use.



Forbury Custom

Augment your outputs

Build out additional calculations and analysis using your Forbury model outputs. Tailor reporting to match your brand and technical requirements. 

Stay in control

With user permissions, keep your customisations standardised across your organisation. Select the right experts to build custom sheets for all team members to use.

Configure data for integrations

Structure your data in a specific format, so that you can effortlessly input it into various systems utilised across your organisation.

Common reference sheets

Keep reference information consistent across your organisation, allowing for direct input into your models.