Forbury Portfolio

Level up your portfolio reports.

Extend the power of Forbury Commercial and Forbury Retail.

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Consolidate individual properties into a portfolio

Used in tandem with Forbury Commercial and Forbury Retail, create a portfolio of properties to produce valuation outputs, cash flows and analytics; with the click of a button.



Provides a fast and intuitive assessment of multiple properties as a portfolio, eliminating the need to aggregate data from multiple sources.

Save considerable time combining information for reporting purposes and updating fund models. Simply upload your valuations, allocate to a fund and download Excel-based portfolio/fund consolidation reports.



Built to maximise return and minimise risk, Forbury Portfolio is a powerful tool for:

  • Asset Managers
  • Investment Managers
  • Fund Managers
  • Owners


Organise 2


Create property-specific scenarios that can be rolled into the portfolio to assess the impact.  You can organise and structure your portfolio by:

  • Location/geography
  • Asset class
  • Risk/return characteristics
  • Financial assumptions



Forbury Portfolio

Minimise data entry

Leverage your existing models; simply save your model inputs to generate portfolio reports.

Secure valuation management

Use the Forbury Portal to securely coordinate your valuations management of each property fund.

Meaningful Reporting

View detailed property and valuation analytics. Drill down into cashflows with analysis available by property or by line item.

Data-driven insights

Inform your decisions by delving into detailed comparisons, growth rates, tenant metrics, risk exposure and expiry analysis.