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The latest Forbury feature updates

 |  8 August 2023

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The latest Forbury features are now live! Highlights include:  

  • House Views will instantly populate your standard inputs, save your team time and minimise data entry.
  • Smart Error Alerts that take you straight to the cell with the issue, and guide you on what to fix.
  • In-model tutorials for easy on-boarding of new users.
  • Add-in updates with contextual navigation.

Read the details on each feature below. 

House Views

House Views allow you to save time by storing your in-house modelling assumptions, so you don't have to manually enter them each time you start a new model.
Instantly populate your in-house inputs and minimise data entry on every model.

  • Populate your house specific assumptions in seconds.
  • House Views are automatically available to your other Forbury users, ensuring standardisation across your company.
  • Only users with House Views manager permissions (auto-allocated to Permissions Admins) will be able to save or delete House Views.
  • All inputs in the following sheets are saved when you create a House View:
    • Commercial - General, Reporting, Future and PCA sheets
    • Retail - General, Report, Esc, MktGwth, Renewal

Smart Error Alerts

Advanced error alerts warn you of input errors and guide you on what needs to be fixed. With a simple click, you’ll be taken directly to the cell with the error. Your team will save time on finding, and correcting any errors and once fixed can take comfort that they're clearly resolved.

Model Tutorials

Self-driven in-model tutorials take you through how the model works. These easy-to-follow training walk-throughs make the onboarding experience seamless and are a time-saver if it’s been a while since you were last on the tools.  The Tutorials cover the overview of how the model works, an input tutorial and then an output tutorial - you'll be able to check that you're inputs have been entered correctly. 
Based on continuing user feedback we'll be adding to the Tutorials over time. As your company grows and has new users, you'll have access to the Tutorial training whenever you need it. This is in addition to our dedicated support team and knowledge base.

Get in touch with your Forbury support team if you’d like a hand with the new features, or book a demo if you're interested in using Forbury.

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