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Forbury FAQ

Frequently asked questions about us

Get answers to your questions about Forbury

How can Forbury benefit me?

I own and invest in Commercial Real Estate

Understanding the expected return on your investments involves projecting income into the future, making assumptions about growth and what will happen when current leases expire. It is likely you rely on a combination of software solutions and manual excel calculations, or possibly your own spreadsheets. Forbury software takes away all this pain via straight-forward, intuitive, logical data structures which are easy to use and flexible to refine. Using Forbury facilitates getting to the investment outcomes you are looking to understand in minutes not hours. Say goodbye to late night spreadsheet exercises and hello to Forbury!


I’m a Valuer

Your clients seek out independent advice; they need to rely on your rigour and accuracy to provide an accurate assessment of their commercial real estate. This is a heavy burden to carry, and to add to the risk, you sometimes will be expected to rely on unsupported solutions built, re-built and re-built again by your colleagues, some of whom may have moved on. Where do you go when you spot an issue or need support? Forbury takes away all of these risks by providing an off-the-shelf solution – the same solution relied on by global leading agency firms. This allows you to work from a position of confidence and re-direct energy into more fruitful endeavours. Leave the risky financial modelling to the experts – we've got your back.


I’m a CRE Agent

You work on deals; you need to have many irons in the fire all of the time because you don’t know which opportunities will come through. A crucial part of your workflow will be the preparation of an Information Memorandum (IM) including financial information. This is exhausting, yet critical for a potential purchaser and your reputation. What if you could reduce this burden, speed up the process and expand the size of the potential pool of investors? Forbury’s software provides a standard basis to structure relevant financial information used by purchasers during a due diligence, giving you comfort in the numbers used for your IM. Not only that, Forbury sharing creates a neat click-and-share tool to securely disclose that financial information to anyone – a live-model in the hands of a bidder within minutes which they can use to run their own scenario’s.


How does Forbury work?

How does Forbury work?

Forbury licences commercial real estate valuation software. Our technology is used for acquisitions modelling, external valuation instructions and asset management. Our software allows our customers to determine the value of commercial real estate assets quickly and confidently.
Forbury uses excel as its interface to bring together disparate information sources into a common set of input information relevant to commercial real estate investment. The information is processed by our cloud-based ‘engine’ which returns detailed cash flow and valuation information. Furthermore, we provide a range of audit tools to assist with interrogating outcomes alongside debt functionality to determine the impact of debt on expected investment returns.

Why use Forbury?

What are the benefits of using Forbury?

We understand property valuation can be complex, time-consuming and easy to screw up so Forbury was born to reduce risk, to enable greater returns and to make the complex simple. Property professionals looking for a competitive edge choose our technology to speed up the process, to reduce the pressure and to increase confidence in the outcomes.

  • Safety in numbers: Compared with in-house error prone spreadsheet solutions, Forbury is ever-expanding its tested results. Forbury operators have seen it all before, which has allowed us to think of the errors before you make them and brings this into the design of our solutions through advanced error checking.
  • Easy to Learn: Microsoft Excel is ubiquitous; easy to understand and everywhere. Forbury deliberately leverages this by providing an input structure in that format. This breaks down typical barriers to learning a new software solution, allows your team to self-discover how to get started and, with supporting e-learning resources, become a power user in no time.
  • Expand market coverage: It takes a lot of saying no to opportunities to get to the ones you want to say yes to. It is simply not practical to waste time getting to those answers. It's time to stop using clunky, old applications and unreliable spreadsheets built in-house, and switch to the standard, consistent, clear and concise interface that Forbury provides. Making the switch to Forbury puts the power back in your hands and allows even a small team of experts to expand its coverage of market opportunities.
Where is Forbury used?

I’m in APAC, what product is right for me?

Forbury Commercial and Forbury Retail are the right products for you. Designed for Commercial Real Estate professionals across APAC who need to model various asset classes.


Are your products available worldwide?

We currently have customers based in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

Datum Single Asset and Datum Portfolio are designed for the United Kingdom and Europe.

Getting Started with Forbury

How long does it take to get started on Forbury?

You will be opening your first model in minutes, and completing analysis within 1-2 hours.


Is my data on the software secure?

Forbury employs all modern security practices to protect your information, including encryption of sensitive data flows.
See our Security page for in-depth information.


Who owns the data collected?

You do! We treat your data on a highly confidential basis. For more information on our gold-standard security practices, view our Security page.


How do I get started?

You can book a demo here.


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