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Modelling software for Brokerage

Forbury for Agents

Build credibility with your clients and buyers and speed up the deal process.


Optimise your Exposure

Success in commercial real estate requires a keen understanding of the market, a proactive approach to marketing, and a relentless drive to present your properties in the best possible light. 

Agents use Forbury to build trust with their clients, create more comprehensive information memorandums, widen the pool of interested buyers and reduce friction in the due diligence process.

Be Fast

Cast a wide net of potential buyers. Share a pre-populated Forbury model, allowing them to make an initial assessment within 10 minutes.

Be Preferred

Establish credibility with potential clients by leveraging your market expertise and the use of industry-standard tools for assessing market value.

Be Memorable

Stand out with exceptional presentation of your properties. Add comprehensive information to your IM's so your buyers are well-informed.

How Forbury's helping McVay Real Estate


How Forbury helps Agents


Building trust with your client is key to your success and the ability to calculate a realistic sale price is the foundation of your credibility. Use Forbury's modern software features to easily model assets showcasing your market insights.

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How Forbury helps Agents


Use graphs and outputs from your Forbury model to add weight and valuable data to your information memorandum. Impress clients and potential purchasers with your assessment of the asset and its value.



Lower the barrier for prospective buyers by sharing underlying tenancy and property data with Forbury Sharing. Recipients can make an initial assessment in as little as 10 minutes by adding their standard HouseViews or specific assumptions. A quick assessment means a faster response for you.



Due diligence is an important part of the transaction process. Transparency in your market assumptions and the assessment of value, as well as the ease of sharing tenancy data, streamlines the process and reduces friction making it easier for you to close the deal.


Streamline the transactions process


Move Faster

Move Faster

Increase your reach to prospective buyers and maximise the speed at which a deal is done.

Move Clearly

Move Clearly

Our Products are Excel-based, making them familiar to use and easy to trace and trust calculations.

Move Precisely

Move Precisely

With thoroughly tested commercial real estate modelling software used right across the industry.


Our Solutions


Forbury Commercial

Game-changing software for modelling office and industrial assets.


Forbury Retail

Ground-breaking software for modelling retail shopping centres.

Trusted by Agents

Forbury Share functionality is an excellent tool… it lets us go back and forth with the counter parties that we have, whether that’s a buyer or an owner. It lets us share assumptions, removes the data entry process and speeds up the timeline for genuine pricing discussions. The functionality elevates discussions from the confirmation of data points straight to scrutiny of assumptions and price determination, which is better for everyone involved.
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Brock McDermott

Director, McVay Real Estate

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