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From our base just below the 42nd parallel in Christchurch New Zealand, we’re a software company with big aspirations. Our aha! moment came in the early 2000’s when this guy ⤵️ realised that the proprietary Excel models he’d been building for CRE heavy hitters were in demand with the wider industry.

Steve Surridge


Fast forward 20 years 🙀 and Forbury’s products are the industry standard for commercial property valuation in the APAC region, but our original goal hasn’t changed: we make the complex simple.

As you’d expect, we know commercial real estate, financial modelling and Excel inside out. But at the heart of our success is what we call our ‘secret sauce’ – together we’re so much more than the sum of our parts. Meet the team that makes this happen.

Nurturing Connections
We believe that trust is a two-way street and built on the back of our relationship with you. Our long-term customers have all had a share in shaping our product and our aspiration is for this to continue into the future. We obsess over the things that are important to you. We take our work seriously but not ourselves.


Where we are heading drives us
Roots are important, and ours are firmly in Excel. In doing so we figured out how to deliver modern cloud-based solutions in an interface everyone can use. We're pushing for growth and we want to take you with us. What's next? We can't wait to show you...


The Forbury Journey

In 2003, our Founder Steve Surridge developed customised valuation tools for the major players in commercial real estate in Australasia. This work highlighted a common need in commercial real estate investment and resulted in the development of a bespoke solution for property valuation, which established the Forbury brand.

Bespoke Origins

Forbury's founder, Steve Surridge, spent 10 years building proprietary commercial property valuation models in Excel for industry giants like Savills, JLL & Colliers.

Working hand-in-hand with these leaders combined their commercial valuation expertise with best-practice financial modeling to calculate all the variables at play.





Word spread and demand for these proprietary models grew. This sparked the inspiration for a base model to be aggregated and expanded to fit the wider industry's needs. 

With a change in technology capability, a licencing structure was created, enabling the formation of Forbury.


Refined in Market

As our customer base grew; so did the use cases. Forbury quickly became industry standard and the preferred valuation and investment management tool with its comprehensive outputs, reliability and accuracy.

For scalability, security and maintenance, the Forbury cloud calculation engine was developed to take the heavy lifting out of Excel. The powerful cloud-based engine means lightning quick calculations (1.57 seconds to be exact).

New segments such as REIT’s, International and Boutique Owners recognised the benefits of using Forbury for their ongoing investment management and the number of customers using Forbury exploded.


Exponential Growth

As REITs, International and Boutique Owners recognised the benefits of using Forbury, the number of users soared across wider Asia-Pacific. 
From this solid foundation, Forbury was ready for its next challenge and entered the UK with a transactions focused solution. This cutting-edge tool leverages the latest Excel infrastructure, eliminating the necessity for VBA, and has been embraced by the industry.

Dynamic Development Today

Today, we support thousands of customers in over 10 countries by our teams in the UK, AU and NZ.  With more than 600,000 valuation calculations made in Forbury every year, our customers are confident they have the industry’s best practice all wrapped up in our easy-to-use tools.


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