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Modelling software for investments

Forbury for Investment Managers

Assess the value of assets throughout the CRE lifecycle.


Maximise value, minimise risk

Assess current and future market values of commercial real estate assets. Evaluate whether a deal will fit your mandate within 10 minutes, or manage the asset throughout the holding period by modelling up various scenarios. From repositioning to reporting, Forbury helps you get the best out of your investments.

Move Together

Create consistent workflows within your team and model faster, with confidence.

Move Clearer

Our models are Excel-based, making it easy to trace and trust calculations. No more "black box solutions" no more doubt.

Move Precisely

Using thoroughly tested UK and European specific DCF methodologies, developed over 20 years. Trust your outputs implicitly.

How Forbury Benefits Investment Managers


Peer into the future with up to 20-year cashflows by month to act in the present. Review and set your business plan by comparing different scenarios and strategies with the Scenarios tool to make informed decisions on when best to refinance, refurbish, reposition or divest.



Increase cashflows and value by actively managing and optimising your assets.

  • Analyse various strategies and impacts of value-add refurbishments, vacancies, and repositioning
  • Ensure you meet your debt obligations with financing functionality
  • Collaborate and manage workflows on the model with other Forbury users in your organisation 


Manage risk exposure by modelling up varying scenarios.

  • View the exposure of non-renewing tenancies
  • Ensure you meet lending or investment mandates with the Finance sheet 


Regular reporting is essential, yet can be a lengthy process. Whether it's a quarterly, biannual or yearly undertaking for your organisation, Forbury speeds up your internal process.

  • Update the tenancy data from a PDF or Excel instantly
  • Overlay your standard House Views or assumptions effortlessly
  • Smart Error Alerts help keep your inputs accurate and take you directly to any errors found
  • Create auto-populated bespoke reports, all in your brand and reporting structure 
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How Forbury helps Investment Managers

Our Solutions


Datum Single Asset

Developed for the UK and European Capital Transactions markets. Fast analysis of cash flows with entry/exit yields.


Datum Portfolio

Transforming the appraisals process for complex portfolio modelling.

Trusted by Investment Managers

We would strongly recommend Forbury to anyone looking to adopt a modernised, fast and incredibly easy-to-use solution for financial modelling.

Nathan Hargreaves

Founding Partner, Northtree

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