Assess On-Completion valuations using Market Capitalisation, Discounted Cashflow and Direct Comparison methodologies. Evaluate development returns based on static residual and development cashflows.



Our Develop software integrates the benefits of Excel as an interface with the computational power of our database to project valuations and development cashflows.

Key Features of Develop Model:

Comprehensive On-Completion Modelling

Establish On-Completion valuations using methodologies common to stabilised assessments. These include Market Capitalisation, Discounted Cashflow and/or Direct Comparison methodologies.

Flexible Development Cost Inputs

Input development costs on a rate per unit basis, lump sum amounts, percentage of other costs or manual cashflow inputs.

Add contingency allowances by line item or percentage of total construction or project costs including or excluding acquisition costs.

Distribute development costs equally across specified periods and/or apply an s-curve distribution with monthly override functionality.

Development Finance

Nominate individual development costs to be included in project funding.

Nominate target gearing based on a percentage of development costs or the Gross Realisation of a project.

Distribute sources of funds across three facilities with individual interest rates and establishment fees.

Choose to pay or roll up interest costs.

Calculate Residual Land Value

Determine residual land values based on target development margin and IRRs.

Life cycle returns analysis

Determine project cashflows, development margins and project IRRs including and excluding finance costs for the duration of a development period.

Establish a 10-year quarterly forecast for the On-Completion valuation including property and equity IRRs, yields and occupancy metrics.

Full life cycle (commence develop through to on-completion) returns allow you to assess project returns through the development period plus a nominated hold period post completion.


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