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Single Sign On (SSO)

 |  11 August 2023

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Single Sign On (SSO)

Most of the time, each application you use has a separate set of credentials, this can result in a bad user experience with failed sign-ins, forgotten passwords, and more. SSO is an identification system that allows websites to use other, trusted sites to verify users. Forbury allows users to identify themselves using their Microsoft account.


Setting Up SSO

If requested, Forbury can enable an "Enforce SSO" option for all users of your organisation. Users will be prompted on their next login to link their Microsoft account. Alternatively, users can setup SSO themselves by going to:

SSO Email Requirements

Forbury has a few options for SSO Email Requirements:

  • Enforce Email Match (Only allow users to link a Microsoft account that is the same username/email as their Forbury Account)
  • Enforce AzureAD Tenant ID (Only allow users to link a Microsoft account that belongs to a specific AzureAD Tenant ID)

By default there is no email requirements set. Forbury can enable one of these options at your request.

If you have any further questions, please email us.

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